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Medicinal Chemistry and problem solving in small-molecule drug discovery projects
Due Diligence
Portfolio Review
Dr. Bernstein has an exceptional track record with over 30 years of success in industrial research [ICI Pharmaceuticals, Zeneca Pharmaceuticals and AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals]. He provided scientific and project leadership to groups that advanced >10 candidates into preclinical development and 5 into clinical studies. One of the programs/compounds he worked on led to Accolate™ [a first-in-class CysLT1R antagonist for asthma], other compounds from his teams [such as AZD5213] remain under clinical development. He has made broad contributions to medicinal chemistry and to the scientific community that have been recognized by awards and honors. He is the co-inventor of ~90 issued patents and co-author of ~ 130 publications and presentations. Due to his love of medicinal chemistry and of helping other scientists to develop Dr. Bernstein has remained engaged in a broad array of professional activities since his retirement from AstraZeneca. In addition to consulting he is active as: editor, writer, and scientific conference organizer/participant.
PhaRmaB was established in October 2010 to provide a platform from which Dr. Bernstein could respond to requests for his services.

Medicinal Chemistry:
PhaRmaB provides world-class expertise in all phases of small molecule drug discovery including: Target Identification, Lead Identification [Hit-to-Lead], Lead Optimization, Candidate nomination, Clinical Candidate support and post launch product support. The company president’s experience includes: structure-based design, screening libraries design, privileged structures, optimization of DMPK parameters with reduction of off-target activities and as drug target areas: G-protein coupled receptors, enzyme inhibitors, ion-channel ligands, transporter inhibitors and nuclear hormone modulators.

Due diligence:
PharmaB LLC has experience in drug licensing, including due diligence activities. Services include third-party evaluation of lead and/or candidate structure and data.

Portfolio Review:
Dr. Bernstein has extensive experience in senior level project and portfolio reviews in many functions including: neuroscience, psychiatry, pain, respiratory, inflammation, oncology, safety assessment, and core chemical sciences.

Expert Witness:
PharmaB LLC provides expert witness support for patent litigation.
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