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Charles D
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Leonard, CIH
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4739 Loyola Drive
Baton Rouge
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United States
(225) 335-7457
(206) 202-2849
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Fields of Expertise
  • Analytical
  • Environmental & Safety
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Expert Witness
  • FuelGas Chromatography
  • Literature and Patent Searches
  • Manufacturing
  • Nuclear Chemistry
  • Operations Troubleshooting
  • Petroleum
  • Polymers
  • Process Troubleshooting
  • Product Development
  • Quality
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Safety and Loss Prevention
  • Soaps and Surfactants
  • Spectroscopy
  • Technical
Other Fields of Expertise
Industrial Hygiene, Safety Data Sheets, OSHA Hazcom 2012, Process modeling, employee exposure assessments
Industrial Hygiene: GHS-Compliant Safety Data Sheets and data sheet conversion for chemical manufacturers and formulators. Exposure assessments including asbestos, lead, hazardous dust, silica, microbial assessments, organic chemicals. Asbestos Project Designer.

Quality Assurance & Process Control: ISO-9000 compliant quality systems consulting and internal audits. NELAC/ISO 17025 laboratory audits and consulting. Multivariate process control and process improvement using multivariate DOE and related statistical models. Synthetic Rubber manufacturing, process control and raw materials optimization.

Process Safety Analysis & HAZOP: OSHA Hazard Communication, Chemical Hygiene Plans, radiation safety audits.

Building Science: LEED Green Building & ventilation system assessments.

Quality Assurance and Environmental Laboratory Consulting for ISO-90001, ISO-17025 and NELAC.

Additional Information

Process for Producing Hydrogenated Polymers, US Patent #6949608 (9/27/2005)
• Innovations in the Production of HNBR, W Belt, O Aagaard, C Leonard, T Tsai and N van der Aar. Rubber Division, American Chemical Society, Cleveland, Ohio, October 16-19, 2001.

• New Guaianolides from Berlandiera pumila and B. texana, and the X-Ray Crystal Structure of Pumilin. JD Korp, I Bernal, NH Fischer, C Leonard, I Lee, N LeVan. J. Heterocyclic Chemistry, 19, 181 (1982).

• IISRP Source Emissions & Popcorn Polymer Committee. Contributor to IISRP Butadiene Popcorn Polymer Resource Handbook.

• IISRP Source Emission Analytical Ad-hoc Committee: "Determination of residual styrene in crumb rubber" by L. Levi, R. Wu, G. Ghebremeskel, C. Leonard, G. Frisone, G. Collins, D. Daugherty and T. Gurley, Houston, TX (1992).
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